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Industrial garage doors and dock levelers
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Safe and Sturdy Loading Dock Equipment

It is safe to say that your loading dock is the heart of your industrial business. Nearly everything comes in or goes out by the loading dock entrance. This is why it is so important to have the best equipment at your disposal. Fremont Overhead Door can sell, install, and repair that equipment. From high lift and roll-up doors that will last, to dock levelers that keep your staff safe and speedy, Fremont Overhead Door has every aspect of your loading dock entrance covered.

Call us at (419) 332-0606 for 24/7 emergency service or for a consultation about your dock’s specific needs.

High Lift Doors: The Right Choice for Less Space

If your warehouse or industrial park has a premium on space, consider a high lift sectional door from Fremont Overhead Door. High lift doors take up less air space because their tracks are mostly vertical. They also occupy less horizontal ceiling space, allowing for more overhead storage.

As a client of Fremont Overhead Door, you do not need to determine how much lift your door requires. All you need to know before you contact us is how much room your building has for a door. We will take care of the rest.

Roll-Up Doors: The Time-Tested Option

Roll-up doors are the type that most people think of when they think of warehouse and industrial doors. Roll-up doors do exactly what their name suggests: they roll up into a protective housing. This means that the door takes up less space when in the open position. Because of torsion spring counterbalance technology, most roll-up doors can be operated by a single person either manually, by a pull chain, or electronically, by a switch. This is an attractive and affordable option, especially if you need to install more than one door and they have to match in appearance and functionality.

Dock Levelers Make Loading a Breeze

A dock leveler is absolutely necessary to load and unload modern tractor trailers. The dock leveler has a flat deck, and a movable lip which is connected to a hold-down assembly. When a dock employee lifts the chain, the entire deck lifts up, allowing the trailer to back up into the loading area. Then the lip extends, the deck is lowered, and you have a smooth, safe surface between the dock and the truck that people and forklifts can cross easily.

When not being used, the lip hinges down into a housing that keeps it safely stowed. Add a roll-up security door from Fremont Overhead Door into the mix, and you have a tightly-sealed entrance that no thief or vandal can access. Call Fremont Overhead Door today to get the ball rolling on your dock leveler installation or repair.

Dock Leveler Parts that Fremont Overhead Door Can Repair

  • Cable
  • Compression Spring
  • Cross-Traffic Legs
  • Deck
  • Hold-Down Assembly
  • Lever
  • Lip
  • Lip-Assist Spring
  • Ratchet Bar
  • Shock Absorber
  • Snubber Spring

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